"It does not matter if all this happens in a lash of eyelashes or in twenty years. Conducting a few seconds report, such as running a business for many years, are based on the same "Like Attracts Like”

Prof. Stefano E. D’Anna

We design solutions to innovate

We are specialized in designing and implementing new Business Models, using innovative tools to create value on the global markets. Poseidon can customize each model and provide methods and tools for its business


We create community

Social Thinking

the social behavior of people, allows us to develop creative ideas that build value for brands and people in the context of our interpersonal relationships, communities and society, providing often hidden, unexpected or unexpressed evidence that can affect The way in which a brand, product or community is seen

Social Idea

are ideas that can create or strengthen relationships and communities, unite people, engage conversations, and stimulate action. The best can even influence people's behavior and have a cultural impact. This method helps us to ensure that our projects can generate as much impact as possible


Comunication and Innovation Technology

We are focusing on the definition of innovative communication strategies. Our expertise ranges from creating and managing the website, to the development of Mobile App, always thought and developed in Customer Oriented Optics. We develop Business Solutions and we guide you to define exactly what is the most appropriate Business Model, create tools and assist you throughout the innovation, management, and consolidation path to deliver a certified and stand-alone method Some of our business models concern the Tourism, Food & Beverage, Association in all its forms and events


Incubator Start Up Innovation

We select innovative ideas and entrepreneurial projects through careful scouting. The support team develop their idea, test it to check market opportunities, create the team, develop a business plan, interact with potential customers and market investors. Affirming the business model and validating the market. The mentoring program is a tailor-made route for every Poseidon startup. Each entrepreneurial initiative is accompanied by one or more mentors of proven value and specific experience in the field of affiliation, which provide support for the growth of individual startups.

Our Business Models


Territorial resource development, competitiveness through innovation, solutions for valorization of places, traditions, excellence typical of the territory


Sport, health and valorisation of the typical Food & Beverage production of the territory. The user experience translates into culture and sharing


Local and national events keep a common denominator, the community!

Creating and Managing Events

A growing industry. From the search of the Sponsor to the design of the entire Event up to the outfits, in full compliance with the fixed budgets. Sponsoring activities are now extended to any kind of business, cultural, sports, social, and other events.

European networks

We select the European Union programs to create development and competitiveness on "vertical" competences and projects, that is, targeted at specific sectors. One of Poseidon's goals in this area is to support the economic and cultural development of companies and associations through its own Consulting and Design Service with highly experienced staff and proven experience. We participate in projects in the European Partnership and organize training programs in our center with the aim of creating cross-competences and thus increasing the value of "single" and for the community. In the training format, Poseidon cares for the training of young Startupper, social entrepreneurs and managers, developing:

- Soft skills
- Empowerment processes
- Communication skills and leadership

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